Health Safety Environment

We ensure every employee has a universal right to have
a safe and healthy place to work.

01 Health, Safety & Environment

HTL believes in acting as a responsible legal entity and comply with all the local applicable laws and relevant industry standards. We continuously evaluate Health, Safety and Environmental aspects of our people, equipment and services. HTL’s policy clearly states that every employee has a universal right to have a safe and healthy place to work. We are committed to the integration of HSE objectives into our management systems at all levels. We keep educating our people with sound HSE practices and also equip them with appropriate protective equipment in line, according to the nature of job being performed.

02 Occupational Health, Safety & Environment

At HTBL plant, we ensure that the Quality HSE Standards of practices are embedded at its core. We have a dedicated team of individuals who ensure necessary compliance with health and safety matters. A yearly calendar of both in-house as well as external trainings is developed for the purpose to ensure continual improvement in the procedures to adapt. These trainings are initiated by skilled instructors and are made regular part of routine work by conducting them on bi-annual basis.

03 Emergency Evacuation Drill Against Fire Hazard & Mock Drills

HTL focuses on enhancing its business success by reducing risks and adding values to its services and people. HTBL being an OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 certified company, a comprehensive management system procedure is followed in order to efficiently respond to any kind of uncertain emergency situation. As a step towards emergency preparedness different mock drills are carried out to assess the effectiveness of trainings held.

Among these is the emergency evacuation drill against fire hazard. This drill was conducted both in HTL head office and in HTBL plant. Designated emergencies exits and evacuation areas (or “assembly points”) within or near the company premises were clearly marked and made clear to all employees. An evacuation plan / map or site layout is posted in near main gate of the company for general awareness of everyone. Map shows evacuation routes, recovery routes, closest exits, fire protection equipment location, eye wash, shower station and spill control station etc.