ZIC X7 FE 0W-20

ZIC X7 FE, 0W-20 is a Premium Fully Synthetic Motor Oil, engineered to maximize fuel savings. ZIC X7 FE, 0W-20 unique friction modifiers maximize engines’ performance for dynamic driving. ZIC X7 FE, 0W-20 is formulated with VHVI & Yubase Technology for lower engine wear and longer drain interval. ZIC X7 FE, 0W-20 generates a strong oil film to protect engine from wear. ZIC X7 FE, 0W-20 is especially developed for all latest gasoline engines.

Typical Properties

API Grade SP
Specific Gravity, 15°c 0.84
Kinematic, Viscosity, cSt, 40°c 43.6
Kinematic, Viscosity, cSt, 100°c 8.4
Viscosity Index 172
Flash point, °c 226
Pour point, °c -42